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What is the magnet on one side?

2016-10-22 15:08:00
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Single-sided magnet is one side of the magnetic, the other side of the magnetic weak magnet, the main method is to use double-sided galvanized iron side of the magnet wrapped, wrapped side of the magnetic will be shielded, the magnetic force is refracted to the other side, The magnetism will be enhanced. If the occasion only need one side of the magnetic, the other side, such as magnetic damage or interference; some occasions such as the magnet on the box is only one side of the magnetic, the other side may be dispensable, there is no magnetic, The use of one-sided magnetism can greatly reduce the cost and save the magnetic material.
Magnetic refraction of single-sided magnets Refractive effect of the refraction of the signal as the satellite pot on the refraction of light or flashlight lamp pot, the refraction effect is mainly determined by the following three aspects:
1. Material: material selection and thickness, and the distance between the magnet and the material has a close relationship. Pure iron leakage magnetic leakage, after special treatment will enhance the refraction, but 100% shielding material has not yet developed, but the effect of different manufacturers do different materials.
2. Angle: According to the principle of refraction, the best effect of arc material, right angle material refractive loss.
3. Space: magnetic field lines in the air as mobile phone signals, need to have space to refraction. Flashlight lamp pot, such as completely wrapped in the lamp, the use of the effect is certainly not good, because a lot of light refraction is loss

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