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The world's smallest single-atom magnet, is expected to become an indispensable part of the future of the computer

2016-10-22 15:05:16
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(EPFL) scientists have successfully developed the world's smallest magnet, only an atomic size. Scientists say "it is the most stable version ever", is expected to become an indispensable part of the future of the computer.
At present, hard disk, SD card and other magnetic storage devices have become part of daily life, but as the computer is getting smaller, these storage devices are also increasingly smaller. It is difficult to find things smaller than a single atom, therefore, the manufacture of such rare single-atom magnet is seen as a necessary step in the future manufacture of microcomputers. But single-atom-sized magnets are hard to keep magnetized, meaning they can not keep data for a long time if used in a data storage device.
A team led by Harald Buren of the Ecole Polytechnique in Lausanne, Switzerland, uses a groundbreaking technology to circumvent this problem by placing the rare earth element holmium atoms on the magnesium oxide film, according to the Independent website. Because the electronic structure of the holmium allows the magnetic field to be undisturbed, by this method, they create an atom-size magnet that retains its magnetism.
At the moment, this magnet is just a model, making it very difficult and time consuming. In addition, it can only be in the minus 233 degrees Celsius low temperature remained stable. But the researchers said it was a major breakthrough that could change the way we use computers.

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